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Books, books, books (part 2)

So I’ve already told you about some of the books I’ve enjoyed. Here are some from my pile of books to read soon. Wish me luck with them! And let me know what yours are. If I get bored, or … Continue reading

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Books, books, books (part 1)

What are you reading at the moment? I can’t decide. There are so many good books out there. Actually, most of them seem to be in my bedroom, in piles. Some of the ones I’ve enjoyed recently (in between the … Continue reading

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Sugar, Sugar

One of Mum’s favourite songs from, like, a million years ago, was called ‘Sugar, Sugar’. The only line I know is ‘You are my candy girl, and I can’t stop loving you.’ This was presumably from before the days when … Continue reading

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Emma Watson is a ‘yay’ for People Tree

Emma Watson was in Thailand yesterday. Before that, she was in Bangladesh. Is she gadding around on some filmstar would tour? Well, no, she isn’t. I don’t even know if she gads. In fact, Emma helps design a range for … Continue reading

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The girl who won a badge kit is …

… about to be announced at the end of this post. I love this bit! (Have you skipped to the end yet? Bet you have. That’s SO bad. I never skip to the end of a story. OK, not that … Continue reading

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