The girl who won a badge kit is …

… about to be announced at the end of this post. I love this bit! (Have you skipped to the end yet? Bet you have. That’s SO bad. I never skip to the end of a story. OK, not that often. OK, not every time.)

So, first of all I read all your comments about your favourite books and movies. I am so going to see Letters to Juliet now. Also Sex and the City 2. And I have lots of books to consider. As soon as I’ve finished Grazia and Hello, I’ll go down to the library and make a pile.

Anyway, then I put all the names in a hat. A very nice hat from France. When turned upside down and filled with competition entries, it looks like this:

Then I pulled one of the names out and that name was ….


…. (have you checked yet?)


OK, it was …………………………………………………………………………….. Kate W!

Yay Kate! Go you! I loved what you said about The Star of Kazan and you’ve made me really want to read it. I hope you like the kit. (In order to get it, you need to go to and send Sophia a message with your address, and saying you won, and by some magic, she will tell me, and I’ll pass it on to you. Yay!)


About noniexxx

I live in Kensington and love fashion. My best friends are Jenny (actress), Edie (saving the world) and Crow (genius designer - OMG). I narrate the Threads series by Sophia Bennett. Some people think I'm a figment of her imagination. I think she's a figment of mine.
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