Corinne Day

Sometimes, a picture can be inspirational.

Ohmygodtheyregorgeous. Totally yay. They’re by Corinne Day, who made Kate Moss famous, and they’re from a 2007 Vogue shoot called Golden Years. If these aren’t enough to feed your fashion passion, check out Corinne’s website, here. .

I think the Tube one is my new favourite fashion photo of all time. It’s very like a Richard Avedon photo from the 1950s, where the model was posing with a couple of elephants. (If you live with Mum, you tend to have this stuff rammed into you along with Cheerios.)

The second picture was taken in a backroom AT THE V&A!!!! My favourite place ever. That’s a famous black and white Christian Dior suit in the background, called the Bar. If Crow could only take one suit to a desert island, it would be that one.

The third picture – well, I just like it.

Corinne’s famous, like I said, for her Kate Moss pictures, and some of them are pretty controversial. Kate looking super-thin? Kate in her undies? Take this, for example:

Hmm. Personally, I’d rather be the girl on the Tube platform. If someone posted a picture of me in those knickers on Facebook, I’d have to run off an be a hermit for about 50 years. HOW EMBARRASSING. I would NOT want it in Vogue. No way. Ever. Her makeup’s nice, though. And the lights are pretty. She seems OK with it.

I still say ew, though. How about you? xxx


About noniexxx

I live in Kensington and love fashion. My best friends are Jenny (actress), Edie (saving the world) and Crow (genius designer - OMG). I narrate the Threads series by Sophia Bennett. Some people think I'm a figment of her imagination. I think she's a figment of mine.
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One Response to Corinne Day

  1. Laura says:

    Yea Nonie i think the 4th one is ew but the others are clas! I didnt even realise it looks like shes actually touching a train- cool 🙂 Laura xx

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