Corinne Day, RIP

On August 27, in the guise of Nonie, I published a blog post about Corinne Day, an inspirational photographer who I’d just discovered and who I was sure Nonie would love. Today, I have just read in The Times that Corinne Day has died, aged 48, of the brain tumour she had been suffering from since 1996. She died on August 27.

I hope that this strange coincidence says something good about Corinne. Creative people live on through their work, and even now, Corinne is still inspiring new fans of her photography.

According to The Times, Phil Bicker (who was art director of The Face magazine when Corinne published the shots that made Kate Moss famous) said that Corinne’s photos of Kate ‘broke the mould, because they broke glamour’. As you can see from the beautiful photos on her website, Corinne could do glamour – real glamour – better than anyone. Perhaps that’s why she could also subvert it so brilliantly with her pictures of a natural, smiling teenage Kate on a beach.

Breaking the mould is a rare, exciting thing to do. It takes courage and vision and it changes the world. I like to write about people who can do this. From the sound of it, Corinne was stubborn and persistent, perfectionist, visionary and strong. My kind of woman. RIP Corinne.

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One Response to Corinne Day, RIP

  1. Laura says:

    RIP Corinne 😦 xx

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