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X – Ew

I normally do yays, not ews. Ews don’t come naturally to me – I’m a yay sort of person. But something has been bugging me recently, and it’s this. In every celeb magazine I *coughs with embarrassment* read, there’s news … Continue reading

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Today I am seriously loving …

OK, so the German competition finalists’ designs got me in a good mood. Actually, I was in a good mood already because of Kate Middleton (about whose not-entirely-kooky dress sense I have been not entirely polite in the past, but … Continue reading

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Some girls seriously know how to draw

Threads in Germany is called Wie Zuckerwatte mit Zilberfaden. On the audio version, I am voiced by Nana Spier, who also does Gossip Girl. This makes me very happy. To celebrate Wie Zuckerwatte … being launched in Germany, they ran … Continue reading

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*That* dress

Ooh … it’s so annoying. I’ve been thinking a lot about weddings recently. So has Crow. I’ve written all about it in Sequins, Stars and Spotlights, but you’ll have to wait until February to find out the details. (Count how … Continue reading

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