Some girls seriously know how to draw

Threads in Germany is called Wie Zuckerwatte mit Zilberfaden. On the audio version, I am voiced by Nana Spier, who also does Gossip Girl. This makes me very happy.

To celebrate Wie Zuckerwatte … being launched in Germany, they ran a fashion competition, a bit like the one Chicken House ran with Tammy in the UK last year. 450 people entered, and the winner gets to see her design at a graduate school show in Hamburg in February. And the winner is ….. Ann-Kathrin K, from Bremerhaven. If you speak German and want to know more, click here.

This is Ann-Kathrin’s design: pretty! I am LOVING the legwarmers and the asymmetric sleeve.

There were 10 runners up. Here are some of the amazing designs they came up with. More pretty! Enjoy. I seriously wish I could draw.


About noniexxx

I live in Kensington and love fashion. My best friends are Jenny (actress), Edie (saving the world) and Crow (genius designer - OMG). I narrate the Threads series by Sophia Bennett. Some people think I'm a figment of her imagination. I think she's a figment of mine.
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2 Responses to Some girls seriously know how to draw

  1. Tayla says:

    Possible quote for book 3…
    ‘I may watch Gossip Girl, and may sound like her to the Germans, but I don’t intend to live it.’ hahahaha
    Nonie has Deutsch Gossip Girl’s voice? JEALOUS.
    And those dresses are über gorgeous! Wow.

  2. Laura says:

    I loveeee the fourth ones blue dress….OMG 😀

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