And the ‘200 projects’ winner is …

… about to be announced in a sec!

First of all, thank you for entering if you did. Most people got most questions right. Well, done, people! But a few entries stood out and here’s why.

Lots of people thought Tommy Nutter designed Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit. He didn’t. He designed other things for her and Mick, but she quite clearly remembers Yves Saint Laurent designing the famous skirt and jacket. Sometimes the Internet can be certain about something, but also wrong.

The other tricky question was number 5. I was so mean here. Kate Middleton wore 3 engagement outfits altogether: a blue dress for the announcement and later, a white silk shirt and a white dress for the formal engagement pictures. I wanted all 3. I have known to be sniffy about Miss Middleton in the past (see Threads), but I thought she looked fantastic in all the pictures and I love the way she wore high street stuff and made it look good.

Here are the right answers:

  1. Queen Victoria chose a white dress to marry Prince Albert, because she had some heirloom white lace she wanted to wear. Before, girls used to choose all sorts of different colours, but so many copied the Queen that she started a trend that still continues to this day. Imagine if the lace had been lime green. Is all I’m sayin’ …
  2. Princess Elizabeth chose Norman Hartnell to make her wedding dress. You knew that already.
  3. Bianca Jagger got married in a skirt suit and hat designed by Yves Saint Laurent. He also designed a shirt and waistcoat for her to wear underneath (which personally I think would have made her a bit too matchy-matchy with Mick), but by then she was too pregnant to fit in to them. So she wore nothing underneath the jacket. As you do.
  4. Lara Stone married David Walliams and wore two dresses – one for the wedding itself and one for the after party. Both were by Givenchy. The white dress with gold embellishment was by Riccardo Tisci himself (the head designer) and the gold after-party dress was by Givenchy Haute Couture. I made you work. I am SO MEAN!
  5. Kate Middleton wore Issa (the blue dress), Whistles (the white shirt) and Reiss (the creamy-white dress). All, naturally, sold out within hours of the photos. She looked cute. Go Kate.




Cyntheiah. Go you! Well done! You win the ‘200 projects’ book and the first signed copy of Sequins, Stars & Spotlights.

With honourable mentions to Kate and Jean. But thanks again to everyone who entered. You may not be in the spotlight, but you’re all stars.



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