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Like Nonie, I can’t really draw. But I wish I could, and I do still occasionally try. Here’s my best effort at what Nonie would look like if she wore one of Crow’s little dresses:

(Note that I can’t do necks, elbows, hands, knees or ankles, but I’ve found a way around this.)

When I’m not fantasising about being a fashion designer, I’m fantasising about the perfect outfit. For example, I’m one of those people who often wonders – what exactly is the perfect wedding dress?

As anyone who has read Sequins, Stars & Spotlights knows, Crow designs a series of wedding dresses for a particular, gorgeous supermodel, and I had THE BEST fun picturing them all. So as you can imagine, I’m thrilled about a certain *ahem* royal event that’s fast approaching. (Although I imagine Kate’s dress will be different from mine, which was a cranberry pink velvet column dress by Alberta Ferretti – very lovely, but not totally classic.)

The rumours are that Kate has picked Sarah Burton as her dress designer. Sarah now heads Alexander McQueen, since the sad and early death of McQueen last year. She has  dressed, among others, Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga. As you do. (Although not all for the same event.)

Her latest bridal creations look like this. Is this what Kate will really wear? If so, wow! (And please ignore my drawing and book cover among Sarah Burton’s incredible dresses – WordPress did that, not me, sorry.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway … That’s what Sarah can do, but what about YOU? I know that lots of you are budding designers. If you were asked to dress a royal princess bride or bridesmaid, what would you design? Would it be a white dress, or something different? Would it be long, would there be a train? What fabric, details and accessories would you use? How would you make it something special, that she’d remember with a little thrill of pleasure forever? Or would you do something crazy and way out that says ‘THIS is what I think about the royal wedding – and it’s not what you expect!’

Please send me a picture of your design (or designs – you can send in up to 3). I’ll be choosing the winners at the end of the month, with the imaginary help of Crow and Nonie.

Entries must reach me, by post or email, by Saturday, 30 April.

You can either take a picture of your design and email it to me at sophiaben at me dot com, or you can send the real thing (or a photocopy) to me care of my publishers, at The Chicken House, 2 Palmer Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1DS, UK. (Please note: I can’t return designs.)

Alternatively, if you are a writer rather than a designer, you can take up to 300 words in the style of Nonie, to describe the dress. (It could be a scene where the bride or bridesmaid tries it on, or gets dressed in it on the big day.)

You must let me know your name, age and an email address (in case you win and I need to contact you – I won’t use the address for any other reason). You can enter from the UK, US, Brazil, Germany, Australia … or wherever you like!

I will post a gallery of my favourite designs and descriptions on this blog in May. This is your chance to show what you can do! However, if you DON’T want your work to appear for any reason, please let me know.

Nonie and I will pick 3 winners. Prizes will include a signed, hardback copy of Threads, with the Giles Deacon illustration on the cover (or, for my US readers, Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings), and I will illustrate my own version of a wedding dress, just for you, on the inside.

If you win and you would rather receive a different version – e.g. in another language, or one of the later books in the series, just tell me which one when you enter.

I will also be including a few other goodies in the prize bag. It depends what inspires me in the run up to the future Princess Catherine’s big day.

So go on, get designing. I can’t wait to see what your idea of an amazing outfit will be.

sophia xxx

About sophiabennett

I drink too much cappuccino, love arty stuff, want to save the world and write books for teens. Type of thing.
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37 Responses to Weddings, fashion, competition …

  1. rachel says:

    I think this is a great competition and I am definitely going to enter it but I just want to know-can you enter more than one design?- and if so how many can you enter?
    Rachel x

  2. Rebecca says:

    this is an AMAZING competition!! I am sooooooo excited!!! yay!

  3. sara says:

    could you say enter once in writing and once in drawing?
    xxsara- great competition 🙂

  4. Pia says:

    I have already e-mailed you my designs but when I scanned them in they came out in black and white.
    Does it matter if there is no colour?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Georgia says:

    hi um i was wondering what is your email address cause i live pretty far away and it may take ages for my designs to come by post. thanks Georgia 🙂

  6. maria says:

    omg! i can not wait. good luck to everyone who is entering. i might go in myself

  7. Rebecca says:

    I can’t wait to get going on my design, I’m going to start tomorrow. As it’s 5 minutes to 10 at the minute. So I’m going to bed in a minute. But don’t worry! I will enter! Good luck to everyone else who is entering.
    Beccy xox

  8. elise says:

    i am not sure if my designs will get there in time cause i live in Australia

  9. Lucy says:

    Ooo, this sounds good! I love designing (although I’m not that good) so I might give it a go 🙂

  10. Laura says:

    Is it okay if you check out other stuff for inspiration, like the body that I draw my creations on is from a note book and I was ckecking out my old dolls clothes and found one that I thought I would do a dress in the style of?

  11. Hi Laura – Oh yes, absolutely. Being inspired by other designs is part of the process – as long as you give it your own twist. Part of the fun of fashion is working out what inspired who!

  12. Laura says:

    Oh yeah and is it okay if we include titles and labels with our designs?

  13. Laura says:

    Oh yeah and is it okay if we include titles and labels with our designs or does that count as the word entry

  14. Ellie And Jaz says:

    Are you aloud to enter in twos?
    I f you could answer then that would be great!
    Ellie and Jaz

    • Hi guys. Yes, you are! I know you two enjoy working together. (Think of Dolce and Gabbana) 🙂

      • Ellie and Jaz says:

        Thank you very much!
        We have started working on our 3 dresses, you are a total mind reader! We love working together as we are best friends.
        When we are older, we want to open our own boutique and design our own clothes so maybe this will rub off on us!
        Love you’re books! ❤
        Ellie and Jaz x 😀

  15. Ellie and Jaz says:

    Sorry to bother you again but do we need our full names and age or can we put Ellie and Jaz?

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  17. LauraG says:

    I just emailed my entry! Am so excited! 🙂

  18. Sophie says:

    If you design a bridesmaid dress would it be for a princess?:)

  19. Sophie says:

    Thanks, i love your books!!!!

  20. Maddie says:

    Have just finished designing!! Will email straight away!! Can’t wait… Love your books!!

    From Maddie

  21. Georgia says:

    Hi um do you have to have colour on your designs because mine are white or should i colour them in white anyway

  22. Sophie :) says:

    I loved writing my entry for this competition (Threads did inspire me to have a go at designing, but . . . no) but it is 306 words. Is this okay?
    Good luck to everyone else who is entering!

  23. Sophie :) says:

    Thank you! I will send it in soon 🙂

  24. Sarah F says:

    I’m really excited- I did my design straight away but then managed to loose it! Lol, but it’s all good because I found it just in time for emailing it today. I wasn’t sure what format to send it in, so I’ll send it twice- one Jpeg and 1 Adobe- so hopefully that’ll be okay 😀

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