The competition entries have started arriving, and the ones I’ve seen so far are GOOD! Nonie would say yay.

There are two more weeks to go, so if you haven’t entered already, get writing and designing. To inspire you, here are some unusual, offbeat and eccentric wedding outfits, followed by some of the classics.

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I’d forgotten it, but the Sarah Chatto picture with her bridesmaids in their Jasper Conran dresses is one of my favourite wedding photos of all time. Note – she is, as far as I know, still happily married to the man she was about to say yes to. Nonie says SO yay.



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I drink too much cappuccino, love arty stuff, want to save the world and write books for teens. Type of thing.
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5 Responses to Countdown!

  1. Just good, or VERY good? :L 🙂

  2. laura1elizabeth says:

    I am finalising my designs inbetween homework and meal times, and wishing to be outside in the lovely weather

  3. Lauraxx says:

    hi sorry if i just said the same thing but with my username not word press name(its really quite confusing but… I am finalising my designs inbetween homework and meals, and wishing I could be out side in the sun (my username being laura1elizabeth)

  4. PiaJasmin says:

    just wondering, but when will the competition winners be posted?
    in may?

    • Good question! I can’t say exactly, because I’m expecting entries from as far away as Australia, but I will collect them all together as soon as possible after 1st May and announce the winner in early May – before the 14th, anyway. xxx

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