The news you’ve all been waiting for!

THANK YOU for all the work that you put into the wedding design competition. You are amazing and you rock! I’ll be creating a gallery of all your designs and stories on the Threads website later, so look out for it.

I’ve chosen 3 winners and 10 finalists. But thank you to ALL of you. You let your imagination fly and you paid great attention to detail. Your dresses were worthy of any royal bride. I really loved pouring over what you did.

And now for the winners. They include two stories and one design. I wasn’t expecting this, but the stories stood out for me and I couldn’t not pick them both. One includes a reference to Sat-Nav, which was very Nonie and very funny. The other includes as an embroidered inscription about love in Latin on the bodice. That is SUCH A ROMANTIC IDEA. Both are worthy of inclusion in a Threads book. You can read the stories at the end of this post.

They are by Tayla Mundy-Gill, age 15, and Kirsty Johnston, age 14. CONGRATULATIONS TAYLA AND KIRSTY!

The design struck me as gorgeous the moment I saw it (actually it’s two designs, one for a bride, one for a bridesmaid, both equally as good and very good together). The workmanship that went into it is beautiful and I love the romance, the texture and the colours. The fact that the winner also happens to have a rather magnificent first name had nothing to do with it, I promise, but I know she’s wanted to be a designer for a long time, so it’s great to see that she’s on her way.

They’re by Sophia McDonald, age 11. CONGRATULATIONS SOPHIA!

Her designs look like this:

Well done all 3 of you. I’ll be illustrating your prize books for you soon.

Here are the 10 finalists. All their designs (and one story) appealed to me for very different reasons. Congratulations to all of you too. I’ll be sending you a signed card.

Pia Keeley-Johnson (13), Maddie Pope (10), Megan Webster (12), Amber Kirk-Ford (12), Eleanor Henderson & Jasmine Banks (together, age 10 and 11), Eleanor (12), Emily Donohue (13), Laura Hughes (13), Sophie Hickman (15), Julia Iggo (9)

And now, here are the winning stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


I am seriously starting to regret choosing those dresses for the bridesmaids. The last thing any bride wants is to be overshadowed on her wedding day.
I’m standing in a bridal boutique, surrounded by a fluffy, frilly sea of white. The shop has a Tardis-like feel to it – it looks like a cupboard, but inside, it’s a treasure chest of silk, satin and lace.
Looking at the long row of dresses stretched across the room is overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start; a map would be useful – or a Sat-Nav…
I’ll have to be ruthless if I’m going to find a dress before Christmas, so I immediately begin discarding the weird in favour of the wonderful: meringue skirts; Princess Diana trains; and one particular dress which is made completely from lace – although, perhaps that isn’t appropriate for a church wedding?
And then I spot a flash of pink, lurking behind an over-sized meringue dress, and drag the garment off the rail.
I step into it: a snow-white bodice – carefully embroidered with silver thread – and a little floaty skirt, made up of three layers of silk, each a different shade of cream. Attached to the waist is a floor-length cape in the same ivory tones, although the pattern on the inside is maze of gold, silver, and raspberry swirls.
Somebody’s slipping ivory satin court shoes onto my feet, and clipping a shimmery veil into place; stacking pearl and diamond bracelets up to my elbows and thrusting a bouquet of scarlet roses into my hands – but I barely register any of it. My eyes are fixed on the mirror… my reflection.
“This is the one,” I whisper – without hesitation, and without checking the price tag.


I’d been Googling a lot today. I had just found out that Svetlana was engaged to Zanni, and the internet was covered in pictures of her trying on wedding dresses. I had found out through Mum which one she was actually going to wear, which was made by a private designer, and now I was staring at it on the computer screen. It was unbelievably pretty.
Small bell like sleeves stood out horizontally from the dress, but they looked so delicate they could have been made out of spider’s webs. The main bodice was tight like a corset, which I must admit would have squashed me hard, but it was covered with goassamer like material. Words were embroidered onto the bodice, but I couldn’t make them out very well. I only knew what the inscription said because it told me under the photograph. It read: ‘”Diligo est verus decor” which means love is true beauty in Latin.’ The main skirt was made of layers of silk, in a slightly different colour of cream and white. All the shades were there.

Ivory, Pale Sunrise, Almond, Soft Feather, Barley, Buttermilk, Ribbon, Manicure White, Corn, Pale Caramel.

The photograph had named each of the colours the silk was shaded, and just the names of them made the dress magical. Svetlana of course looked goddessy as usual, with her killer legs and high neck. She had all her hair pulled up in a magnificent but simple bun, which could have maybe used some accessories in my opinion. Her shoes ere Louboutins of course, but were simple to keep the attention on the skirt.

I sadly closed the picture, and thought about my own wedding.

Thanks again, everyone. It was a great competition. And I’ll let you know when the gallery is ready on the Threads site, so my readers can see just how amazing you all are.

sophia xxx


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33 Responses to The news you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. LauraG says:

    They are amazing! Well done 🙂

  2. wow! that looks terrific! what a great competition! well done, kids and well done, sophia!

  3. PiaJasmin says:

    Well done Sophia.
    Maybe I’ll have better luck next time…? 🙂

  4. laura1elizabeth says:

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much Sophia xx 🙂 I just shrieked so loudly That my mum came running. ‘What, What?!’

  5. laura1elizabeth says:

    The stories are so amazing, I wish I could write like that well done everybody! 😀

  6. Yay! 🙂 Really happy I’m a finalist ^_^ Thank you, and well done to everyone 😀 xx

  7. Yay! 🙂 Really happy I’m a finalist ^_^ Thank you, and well done to everyone 😀 What did ypu think of my designs? xx

  8. Ellie and Jaz says:

    Hey Sophia!

    Thankyou SOOOOO much! We are so happy!
    Will you be putting pictures up of the finalists?
    We want to see all of the other designs! 🙂
    Thanks again,
    Ellie and Jaz 🙂 x

    • Hi Ellie and Jaz. The pictures are all up on the Threadsthebook website competition page. I haven’t finished naming them all yet, but they’re there if you want to see them – including yours! xxx

  9. Julia says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I was so excited when i saw my name! What did you think of my design?
    Julia xx

    • Hi Julia. I thought it was probably the most like what Kate eventually wore! I loved the tiara and the little brooch on the front. It was very regal and you did a great job. xxx

  10. Julia says:

    Thank you very much again. I’ve looked at all the winning designs and they are AMAZING. I think they were all better than mine. Well done everyone!!
    Julia xx

  11. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations to everyone who won! They were all great designs.
    Beccy xox

  12. Ellie and Jaz says:

    I bet that was really hard judging!
    That was tough competition!
    Well done to the rest of you! Some of them were AMAZING! 😀
    Congrats to everyone (And the winners!)

    Ellie and Jaz ❤ xx 🙂

  13. Eleanor says:

    Thank you soooo much! I’m so happy!!!! I never thought i would get to be a finalist!! Well done to everyone who entered the competion! xxxxx

  14. Holly says:

    wow everyone!
    these are fabulous! well done and congrats!

  15. Sophie :) says:

    Very pleased to be a finalist! Thank you! Congratulations to everyone – I love the idea of the writing on the bodice! xx

  16. Wow! Thankyou Sophie!! I’m glad you liked the Latin idea 😀

    Well done to all the other winners aswell, I loved your entrees!!

  17. Rebecca says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done all the entries were amazing!!! well done! 😀

  18. Holly says:

    Hi everyone. I loved the entries! Does anyone know when another competition will come out because I would really love to enter! 😉

  19. Rachel says:

    Well done to the winners and the finalists! I think all the entries are great and I especially loved both the stories. I loved the refernce to the sat nav in Tayla’s and I loved the way Kirsty had used Svetlana’s wedding. Well done to everyone!

  20. Ellie and Jaz says:

    Haha, Hi Sophia.
    Thank you for BOTH of my cards (Jaz)

    I loved this competition and me and El couldn’t stop going on about it!
    I hope you do some more in the futureee….?

    Jaz xxx 🙂

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