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Summer blues

Actually, I love summer. I love wandering down to the beach and seeing the sunlight glinting on the waves, like diamonds. I love bouncing on the trampoline until my tummy muscles hurt and staying up late and watching old movies. … Continue reading

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On Sunday I will be …

… at the Edinburgh Festival. Sophia will be talking about how we came to exist, what we wear, why we wear it and why we do (OK, why mostly Edie does) the amazing stuff we do. There will be pictures! … Continue reading

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Nonie says yay

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Adele is yay because …

The talent. Listen to those songs. The lyrics … The girl can write and sing. We say wow. The confidence. Adele is very beautiful. In an non-skeletal way. We SO approve. Crow would love to dress her. Which brings us … Continue reading

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Cream Kate

Nonie likes this sweet little post from StyleCaster about Kate Middleton at the latest royal wedding – just as Kate makes the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list. The post isn’t long, but it covers kindness, recycling, dieting and wedding guest … Continue reading

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