Nonie says Thank God Tavi, where have you BEEN?

Tavi Gevinson (the uber-cool teen blogger from Chicago who knows EVERYTHING about fashion and writes like a GODDESS) has finally launched her online mag, Rookie.

It is here:

Read it and thank me. Now you know you are not alone.

Meanwhile, Nonie needs to thank Keris Stainton (author of Della Says OMG and Jessie Hearts NYC), who thanked Anna Carey on Twitter for her blog post on GirlsHeartBooks today (it’s complicated … stick with me …), in which Anna pointed out that Rookie was launched at last.

Oh, and while I’m in thanking mood, I need to thank Iffath at LoveReadingX for pointing out – also on Twitter – that the first images from the movie of the Hunger Games are out. Ooh! Want to see Katniss in the forest? Click here.

(Oh, OK, here’s a sneak preview.)

Now you can thank me again.



About noniexxx

I live in Kensington and love fashion. My best friends are Jenny (actress), Edie (saving the world) and Crow (genius designer - OMG). I narrate the Threads series by Sophia Bennett. Some people think I'm a figment of her imagination. I think she's a figment of mine.
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3 Responses to Rookie

  1. Jo 'Petite' Venkatesh says:

    OMG! I am reading the Hunger Games right now and can’t wait for the films!!
    I will defo check out Rookie, and can’t wait to read it!
    I have kinda given up on my blog 😦
    I have a new obsession, though! FAN FICTION! I have written Lion King one and 2 Ouran Highschool Host Club ones (a Japanese anime manga thing) which is a big step for me cos I hate writing!!
    Jo x 😀

    • Hi Jo. Fan fiction is FABULOUS! Go you! Maybe you’ll do something on Threads one day … xxx

      • Jo 'Petite' Venkatesh says:

        Maybe, but all your stuff is so good, that I would feel so rubbish 🙂 fanfiction is AMAZING! they also have a sister site called FictionPress that is for original stuff! (i did a poem) xx

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