At last! For those of you who haven’t found out via Twitter or Facebook or elsewhere … there is a new competition on the Threadsthebook website. It’s to write a short story, or the start of a book, or do a book cover illustration, or make a trailer. SO MANY CHOICES!

All the details are on – and go to the Competition page.

Enjoy! I hope you like it! You’ve got until 28 November to get your entry in to me.

sophia xxx


About sophiabennett

I drink too much cappuccino, love arty stuff, want to save the world and write books for teens. Type of thing.
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14 Responses to Competition

  1. sara :) says:

    could i possibly, gulp, enter more than once? for example do a trailer AND a book cover or is it just one? :’) Sara x

  2. sara :) says:

    ahh good 🙂 x x x

  3. Ellie and Jaz says:

    Woah Can’t wait to enter! Can you do one of each? And can the book/ design be about anything? Does it have to be a certain theme?
    Jaz and Ellie

    • Hi Ellie and Jaz. Make sure you check all the details on the Competition page (and the pages behind it) on the threadsthebook website. You CAN do one of each, and there IS a theme! Looking forward to seeing your entries, as always. sophia xxx

  4. Ellie and Jaz says:

    What is the theme?
    Ellie and Jaz

  5. Ellie and Jaz says:

    Ok thanks
    Ellie and Jaz

  6. Antareepa says:

    umm…..can i do the book illustration and scan and send it to you
    I live in India and it would’nt be possible for me to send the illustration by post for it may take several days to reach to you. Maybe till then the competetion will get over.

    Thank You

  7. flora123 says:

    Dear Sophia…..Its the first time m’ gonna enter your competetion….Just scanned the book illustration today but my drawing is maybe too big for the scanner. The butterflies on the edges got cut a bit……hope its alright..

    P.S. I really loved the attractive book illustration of The Look…and the color from the side is so pretty…cant wait to own one. Thanks for writing books for us….

    From Antareepa

  8. sophie says:

    dear Sophia you came to douay martyrs school the other day and I would like to know what is the best way to begin a story! Sophie x

    • Hi Sophie. If you’re trying to start a story, I suggest the best thing to do is think of a character you like, and give them a very big problem or mystery to solve. You don’t necessarily know how they’re going to solve it, but you can have fun working it out while you write. You can be inspired by things you’ve read or seen – just give it your own twist. Picture where they are – a house, a village, a place in the city … Perhaps they have an annoying friend, or someone else to talk to. Dialogue is always good. And off you go. Just enjoy the story. Good luck! xxx

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