Joseph Kony – Nonie says Ew

It was because of what Joseph Kony did in Uganda that Threads became the book it was. He created the Lords Resistance Army that forced thousands of Uganda’s boys to become child soldiers, and its girls to become slaves. It is estimated that he has caused over 2 million people to be displaced. And in 2008, it was my anger at what he was doing that created the background of Crow, and Edie’s campaign to help her.

Right now, the campaign against him is all over the internet, called Kony 2012 and run by Invisible Children – whom I mentioned in Threads, and who are still going. Watch the video if you can. See what committed young people can do.

This is what Wikipedia had to say on the subject:

Kony received a surge of attention in early March 2012 with the release of “Kony 2012“, a thirty minute documentary, was made by filmaker Jason Russell for the campaign group Invisible Children Inc. The film’s aim is to make Joseph Kony famous, since fame would justify the United States getting involved in Kony’s capture. Michael Geheren, blogger for The Huffington Post, commented: “The 27-minute video was posted on Vimeo and YouTube by Invisible Children and became a worldwide trending topic on the Internet.. Personally, I have never seen an outpour of support from people on my Facebook news feed like this.”[21]

The Telegraph online mentioned the video, pointing out that it quickly received attention from celebrities.[22]. Elizabeth Flock, writer for the Washington Post, offered more background on the LRA as well as Invisible Children in response to the documentary.[23] Flock and The Toronto Star also mentioned that Invisible Children hoped to raise Kony’s notoriety enough to provoke an overnight postering on April 20.[24][23]


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5 Responses to Joseph Kony – Nonie says Ew

  1. laura1elizabeth says:

    I can’t belive what he’s done!
    Sophia I’ve just bought The Look and I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    Loads of my friends have watched the video and cried. It is so cruel what Kony is doing and i can’t believe he hasn’t been stopped. I think It is scary what some people do and how they can inflict horrors on other innocent people. It’s not fair!!

    • Hi Jo. I agree. I’m not entirely sure about the Invisible Children campaign – and how much of the money they raise ends up helping the children who need it. But the cause of stopping Kony is a good one. He deserves to be brought to justice and we still need to help his victims. I’m glad I support Save The Children, who are out there, helping where it’s needed. sophia xxx

  3. genevieve says:

    this is terrible!
    from gen

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