Nonie says yay for Coco

This is so wonderful. (Not what happened, but what happened next …)

Coco Rocha was recently photographed for the cover of Elle Brazil. She has a brave policy of no nudity or partial nudity, and therefore her fans must have been surprised to see her posing like this:

Great picture. Possibly a bit too much information in the boob department. The thing is, she didn’t pose like that. And here’s what she said on her Tumblr yesterday to clear things up. Go Coco! Go Coco! (This is exactly what my new book, The Look, is all about.)

As a high fashion model I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photo shoots. For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress which I now find was photoshopped out to give the impression of me showing much more skin than I was, or am comfortable with. This was specifically against my expressed verbal and written direction to the entire team that they not do so. I’m extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract was ignored. I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed and for me these rules were clearly circumvented.

– Coco Rocha

I read the story on Fashionista, which is where I get a lot of my fashion news. Their post included a comment from a model saying that it’s all right for Coco to have standards and principles, but other less successful models have to do what it takes while they’re starting out if they want to get anywhere.

Well, first of all – they don’t. It’s up to you how badly you want it, and what it’s worth, and how much of yourself you’re prepared to sacrifice. If every model took a stand, we might start to see women the way they want to be portrayed, and not the way editors think readers and advertisers might want to see them. The same applies to writers and journalists: sometimes, just say no. Let the job go.

And second – I agree that it’s very, very hard for the models at the bottom of the heap to do this, so it’s fabulous when the models at the top do it for them, and shout about it, and show that you can get where you want to be without losing what’s inside you.

Coco Rocha is the Mary Beard of modelling. (Mary is a professor of Classics at Cambridge, who has recently been all over the press defending her right not to wear makeup and have cute hair, just so she can tell us about the Romans on TV. We watched her last night. She was brilliant. Actually, I don’t like her hair, but I just adore how strong and feisty and self-confident and clever and interesting she is. I think she and Coco would hit it off brilliantly.)

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9 Responses to Nonie says yay for Coco

  1. beautyallaroundyou says:

    I completely agree. Go Coco! (And I loved The Look by the way).

  2. beautyallaroundyou says:

    I completely agree! Go Coco! (And I loved The Look by the way).

  3. Coco is amazing! I love her philosophy ❤

    (I sent you a message via your website, just wondering if you got it! Don't know if my computer sent it properly!)

  4. Coco is so beautiful, I hadn’t seen this before. It’s not fair, and I completely agree with your comments!

  5. mb127 says:

    Thank you. Hair is one thing (and happy to disagree/take advice). But I think people watch because they want to know something.. so thanks!! m

    • Hi Mary

      Thanks so much for your comment! On the hair thing, I love the colour but I’d love to see a chic cut to match your beautiful red coat. (It’s not a girl thing – I would have said the same to Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall a couple of years ago.) As for learning something – even more than the Roman attitude to loos and jokes, I learned a lot when you stood up to AA Gill and his casual misogyny. It was inspiring. And if that means not changing a hair on your head while you continue to be the poster girl for brainy women in the public eye, that’s completely fine.

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