Dior – it’s yours – use it


Note to Dior – I know she said she loved it, but please put Jennifer Lawrence in dresses she can collect awards in without embarrassing herself, or you. However, on this one occasion everything worked out OK. Sure, you didn’t check she could ascend steps in it, but the results were so graceful, and she handled it so fantastically, that we love her even more.

And we got this image. True, this isn’t a real ad – it’s from Tumblr – but it could be and it should be. It is the most graceful trip-up EVER. And she did get the Oscar, so that was OK.

Nonie says – Jennifer, we love you. Dior, we forgive you. This time.


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I drink too much cappuccino, love arty stuff, want to save the world and write books for teens. Type of thing.
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