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Adele is yay because …

The talent. Listen to those songs. The lyrics … The girl can write and sing. We say wow. The confidence. Adele is very beautiful. In an non-skeletal way. We SO approve. Crow would love to dress her. Which brings us … Continue reading

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X – Ew

I normally do yays, not ews. Ews don’t come naturally to me – I’m a yay sort of person. But something has been bugging me recently, and it’s this. In every celeb magazine I *coughs with embarrassment* read, there’s news … Continue reading

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Dancing shoes

There are many things I approve of. For example: My brother Harry People who can dance Two-tone shoes Tuxedos Cool hair Music my brother Harry likes, including soul, jazz and anything with horns (that’s trumpets and saxophones to you and … Continue reading

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Pixie Lott – another yay!

Have you seen this video on YouTube? It’s had thousands of views, but most of them are probably me. It’s by the pupils at Amesbury school and it’s a version of Boys and Girls that they did for charity. I … Continue reading

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