My name is Nonie Chatham. I’m a teenager living in Kensington, London and my first love is fashion. My best friends are Jenny (actress), Edie (saving the world) and Crow (genius designer – OMG).

If you want to know more about us, you can read it all in Threads, by Sophia Bennett.


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  1. Rosanna says:

    Dear Nonie,
    I think you are wonderful. I adore your amazing sunse of fashion and how you are so unique from everyone else. that’s one thing we do have in common. We do not blend in to the crowd, especially the fashion perspective. I LOVE fashion. I would love to be a model one day. Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite food and clothing pattern?
    P.S. I enjoy writing too, wouldn’t it be so cool if I can write a book with Sophie Bennett one day?

    • Hi Rosanna. Nonie is very touched by all your lovely comments. Her favourite food varies, but croissants and popcorn both feature. She could never be a model because a) she is too short and b) life is too short to be worrying about fat and spots the whole time, in her opinion. Her favourite clothing pattern (fascinating question!) would be anything created by Madeleine Vionnet, who she claims is the original queen of pattern cutting, and designed the definitive 1920s dresses. Good luck with the writing! sophia xxx

  2. lucinda says:

    hiya nonie
    i love fashion too! but like you not the best at drawing people how does crow do it? and are you still in contact with lakshmi the little girl you meet in india? i love your fashion sense of clothing in the book! how is harry?

    lucinda xxx ❤ 🙂

    • Hi Lucinda. Thanks for your comment. Nonie says that Crow is mostly irritatingly talented at drawing, but she also gets good by practising every day. She’s done thousands of designs and that really helps. The girls are, of course, still in touch with Lakshmi, who is great at drawing too and will doubtless end up at fashion school in Mumbai. Nonie tries not to be jealous of her as well (but she is). She’s honoured that you love her fashion sense, because it’s something she works hard at. Harder than drawing, in fact, which might explain a lot. And Harry is doing well, thank you. He is very much enjoying the company of his latest girlfriend. If you’ve finished Sequins Stars & Spotlights you’ll know who, surprisingly, that is. 😉 xxx

  3. Molly says:

    Dear Nonie,
    I love your story and how you always seem to be wearing something different. I LOVE designing and sewing, but I bet I’m nowhere near a good as Crow! You are so lovely to all your friends even when they pile their problems on top of you. My favourite designer is Vivienne Tam, who is yours?
    Love, Molly xxx

    • Hi Molly
      Nonie will be delighted to know how much you approve of her wardrobe. I hadn’t heard of Vivienne Tam before, but her collections look very interesting. Nonie’s favourite designer is probably Vivienne Westwood (who is, naturally, one of mine too). I also love Jean Paul Gaultier, Balenciaga, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, Phoebe Philo and many more! sophia xxx

  4. Luisa says:

    Hi Sophia,
    I’m from Germany (so, I think, not all the spelling is right and so on… but I tried to write, what I want to say, I hope you can understand…) and I loved the first two “Threads” books… I cant wait for next year, buying the third part of the Story. Do you allready know the german title?
    Now I found out about Nonies Blog and I really love it! I’m really interested in Fashion and design and so on… At the Moment, I try to imagine, how the clothes, that Crow and Nonie are talking about look like and I try to draw all of them to… Maybe, one day there will be a real Collection of Crows clothes anywhere? Anyway, there are lot’s of Ideas, they all want to be converted 🙂
    At the End, theres just one question I had after reading the books: How old are Nonie, Crow, Edie, Jenny and Harry and all the other Kids and Teens?
    Lots of Love, Luisa xxx

  5. Hi Luisa
    I’m so glad you loved the books. I’m afraid I don’t know yet what the title of the third one will be in German but I’m sure my lovely translator, Sophie, is working on it already, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the cover.
    I’d love there to be a collection of Crow’s clothes one day too. It’s a great idea! There’s talk of a TV series next year, so maybe something like that could happen. I know exactly how they would look.
    As for their ages, in the first book the girls are 14 (Crow is 12) and Harry is about 18. By the end of the third book, the girls are 18 and ready to leave school. They seem a lot older than their years, sometimes, but then, the teenage girls I know are very grown-up already, and my characters are like them.
    lots of love, sophia xxx

  6. elise says:

    Hi Nonie and Sophia

    i believe i am very like nonie and crow except 5 years younger and i am very tall.
    i have 5 books full of designs and like no i love dungarees and other unique different things
    anyway how are you going Nonie?

    Has Edie healed the world yet?
    i watched the fashion show by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen and the dress looked exactly like the swan it was just how i imagined it!

    love Elise

  7. Hi Elise. I love the sound of your five books full of designs! Wow – go you. And wasn’t that show by Sarah Burton amazing? Maybe you’ll end up doing a show like that one day.
    We are all doing well after Christmas, and Edie is still working on saving the world. One child at a time …
    I hope you’re having a great holiday too.
    love Nonie (as reported by Sophia) xxx

  8. genevieve says:

    dear sophia,
    ever since I read threads ive loved fashion!! thankyou sooooooooo much!!
    I am so jelous of nonies converses!!!
    I think you would really enjoy reading the fault in our stars by john green.
    thank you for creating such gorgeous characters!
    from genevieve
    p.s I really enjoyed your book the look as well

    • Hi Genevieve. Sorry it’s taken me a little while to respond to your message. I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous of Nonie’s Converse too. I’d love some like that. And as for The Fault In Our Stars – I think it’s the most stunning book I’ve read this year. Thanks for recommending it – I recommend it to people, too! I’m so glad you enjoyed Threads and The Look as well. It’s great to know that someone who loves John Green’s work likes mine too. sophia xxx

  9. emily says:

    Dear Nonie,
    I really really want to know which of the girls i’m most like .I like pink, cats and I do well in school .I think i’m like Edie but I like fashion too though.Please help!!!

  10. Haz says:

    Hey. Just wondering, do you (this “Nonie” character) actually exsist??? I’m not trying to be one of those teenagers that go “Oh this is stupid. oh that is,” but I really wana know if “Nonie” exsists….
    Oh and I defo need fashion help. I am Sh*t at clothing and stuff…. Know anywhere that can help??? 🙂
    Haz xxx

    • Only in my imagination, Haz. You are not going crazy, don’t worry. And for fashion help, I suggest Rookie Mag. It will, hopefully, teach you that fashion is fabulously interesting and really doesn’t matter. All you need to do is feel comfortable and confident and find clothes that express your personality. That’s it. Sorted. xxx

  11. Pysia says:

    Droga Sophie, przeczytałam książkę pod tytułem:”Projekt C”. Była niezmiernie ciekawa. Ale nurtuje mnie jedna rzecz, a mianowicie, co Nonie Chatham napisała na swoich conversach? Oczywiście wiem, że były to francuskie (i nie tylko) przekleństwa, ale chce wiedzieć jakie konkretnie. 🙂

  12. Jenna says:

    To Sophia and Nonie,
    Would you be able to give me a detailed description of what Nonie and/or her friends look like?
    Thanks 🙂

  13. Rose says:

    Christian Dior is not on the list of Top 10 Designers In The World 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrggghhh!!!! Nonie, you must of heard about this! Please do some justice to the worrld!!!!!!
    PS- please tell the lady in the profile photo that she is an absolutely fandabbydozy writer, and that she has inspired me to become a fashion journalist like you! (because I love writing & I love fashion, and put the two together: KABOOOM!)

    • Hi Rosie. Might it be because he is dead? Do only living fashion designers qualify? Thanks so much for your message and I’m sure Nonie would be proud for you to follow in her footsteps. sophia xxx

  14. Jemima-Poppy says:

    Dear Nonie,
    I love fashion and designing things in my head but never seem to be able to get it down on paper! I love art and and you are my inspiration for it, unique! 🙂

    • Dear Jemima-Poppy. Just practise and have fun with it! It will never look quite the way you imagined, but that’s OK. The more you try, the better it will get. Love sophia xxx

  15. Anna-maria says:

    Hello nonie. My name it anna and i am from germany. Sorry for my bad englisch. I read the book about you. I have the thought “maybe you are real.” Than i google your name and i found this.. Lol

    • Dear Anna-Maria – I am totally real. As my story in the Threads books shows. I don’t know what Sophia Bennett thinks she’s doing, making stuff up about me. I am the realist fictional fashion-loving book narrator you are ever likely to meet. Nonie xxx 🙂

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