As you probably know, I’m in this book called Threads, which is about me, my actress friend Jenny, my save-the-world friend Edie and a girl we came to know called Crow, who turned out to be a design genius.

There’s another book called Beads, Boys and Bangles, which is all about what happened after Crow designed her first high-street collection. And I’m working on another one, about our most recent adventures.

You can find out all you need to know here: at Go check it out! There are quizes, extracts, photos, fun stuff and info on Sophia Bennett, who for some reason takes full credit for the books. Some people!


29 Responses to Threads

  1. Elise says:

    I absolutely LOVED Threads. I loved how It described what you were all wearing. I could easily picture it in my mind. Sophia you are an amazing writer. 🙂

  2. elise says:

    you are such a good writer one of my dreams would probably come and see you but because i live in Australia its a long way from london but i did live in England before but not in London”)

  3. giulia says:

    l ove you sophia and you Nonie so I love the book Threads!!!

  4. giulia says:


  5. elise says:

    i have now got 2 threads books, i have read the first 5 times and the second 2 times (the 2nd one is new)

  6. prinita kalyani says:

    hi ,
    the is prinita and i am from india . l am ur great fan sophia , when i read the book threads fashion fairy tales really can happen , i was keep on reading and reading . i was so eager in reading and this is my first story book in my life . it was given in school scholastic store , and my really thankfull to u and my school . i am eagerly waiting for next threads.

    • Hi Prinita. I’m thrilled you like it and hope you like the sequel – where the girls travel to India! Thanks so much for writing to me here. sophia xxx

      • prinita kalyani says:

        ya.. ur welcome. n Sequins, Stars & Spotlights,s nt available in my state so i dnt read it but i am really eger to read it , n huv u published the look…? please publish it i am really more eger dhan Sequins, Stars & Spotlights, please i need ur reply…

  7. sophie says:

    hi sophia I have just started to read your first book it is great

  8. Jo says:

    Hi Sophia, i love threads and beads, boys and bangles and sequins, stars and spotlights!! I’ve read them all so many times! I’m looking forward to reading the look when i can get it. You are a fabby writer and your books are my fashion bibles! Thank you.

  9. k says:

    just finished accidently staying up all night to read the threads seires (soooooo good) for the 4th time! They’re almost too good!!!!!! Have asked 4 the look 4 my 13th b-day!!!

  10. Sophie says:

    Hi from Germany!
    I read all your books in german and their are just fantastic! I just love it!
    Will there may be a movie or a TV series one day?
    Sophie xxx

  11. Hi Sophie. There may be a TV series soon. However, they haven’t finalised scripts or started casting for it yet. xxx

  12. Ella says:

    Hey I’m Ella from Germany 😉
    I love your Books! How you describe all the clothes is amazing, I really saw all those dresses in my head by reading your books. I would love to see the TV series!

  13. Erin Bond says:

    Could you tell me all the book in the series? I really want to read them all xx
    Erin Bond, 12

  14. Kathryn says:

    I first got Threads when it came free in a magazine around two years ago and out of my huge collection of books it is the only one I have read more than once (currently reading it for a third time), it is just brilliant. I also love the other two books in the Threads series. Sophia I think your writing is brilliant.

  15. Skye says:

    Hey Sophia,
    I totally love the threads books!!(i have read the first two only cuz i am not getting the third one but i am sure i’ll love it too!) And please make a movie on threads n not a tv show bcause they just drag d tv shows and it ruins the magic!

  16. Hi Skye. I’d love to do a movie of Threads too. I saw it as a movie in my head when I was writing it, so one day it would be perfect to see it on the big screen. So glad you loved the books, and I hope you manage to read the third one one day. Happy reading! sophia xxx

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